Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Tickers Below.... Life

March, middle march... wow.... how'd that happen...
You know that statement is starting to drive me nuts. The days are passing by like a mere memory, 5 minutes is gone in a flash. I remember the days when summer holidays seemed like forever... and at the end of the summer I couldn't remember all that I had done from that last day of school... let alone remember the stuff we'd done in class the year before. Is that a sign that we were too busy to notice time passing or does time in the physical (rather than the linear) sense get shorter as we get older. I used to time how long it would take me to run to the bathroom and back when I was popping popcorn.... now I time how long it takes me to change a poop-y struggling toddler's bum, only because seconds are precious to her and doing a thorough job is vitally important! LOL!

In any event much is afoot here in our household....

* Dh has agreed to get a dog when our youngest is five, the ticker for that is at the bottom.

* I have decided to lose weight... which I've been trying to do for months already without much success but I'm planning to knuckle down and get it gone.

* We're planning to renovate the guestroom between now and the first week in April... so the race commences this weekend.... it will be done the way I want it... I just need time to play and sort and fiddle.

* M, moves up to Brownies shortly, and next week she commences her art class at the local Parks&Rec.

I've been a knitting and crocheting fiend.... with 40 hats on the go for Lent, I think I have 5 left to go... a pair of longies for S, finally in the Treliske yarn, which was dyed blue and purple, and turned out darker than planned. I have a bundle more projects I'd like to get done, as well as dejunking and digging myself out of the mess I call home.

In the mean time, life lurches on.... no time for scrapping at the moment, and frankly no desire... so I'll keep plugging.