Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Boxy Pouch.... first attempt!

So M has a ballet recital coming up quickly and as a result we've had to purchase makeup. Well she needed a place to store it.

So I found this awesome little Tutorial for the Little Boxy Pouch.

I used a flimsy material but figured it would be good for a first try - and it was from stash so it cost me nothing and I got rid of some fabric scraps! LOL! I think I might need to rework it and make it Longer!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

UFO - Finished the Coronet

It only took about 2 yrs.... but its finally finished. I love the pattern, and I really really love this particular yarn. Didn't think about it clashing with her hair, but it is lovely and soft, and she likes it so who am I to argue??

Sunday, April 12, 2009

UFO Diving

As mentioned before this month is dedicated to clearing up the UFOs.

I've come to the realization that UFOs are robbers of time, space, money and sanity! Unfinished projects mean money committed to something that I couldn't be bothered to finish the first time around - so I have a ton of money sitting in my closets keeping my clothes company - not the ideal place to store money, eh??!! My logic says this could be gifts, or simply stuff that could be put to use ... and if I won't use it then maybe I could put it out the pasture, recycle the project and save money on the yarn for something I might actually appreciate more!

So here we go on a treasure hunt.... buried treasure... just like a pirate, me-thinks! Don the obligatory pirate hook, patch and pirate hat we're going in matey's.

Closet Diving UFO Mission#1, turned up a Curly Purly Soaker started back when S was about 1 - she's now 3 and potty trained ... I'll need to judge it and decide if I'm going to frog it and start it again, or if I'll keep going and store it for when "Probie" is big enough to wear it!

Knitting Basket Diving UFO Mission #2, turned up a Coronet that I started for M a couple years ago when she complained that her winter hats itched her head too (big head lollipop kid! LOL!) I have most of the band done, and just need to get it to the right size so I can begin the top... this should be pretty quick, once I figure out where I'm at in the pattern! :)

New Project #3, I committed to making a blanket for an online friend who is due a month after I am. I just found out she's having a little boy... so my crochet project for the month is for her. Its pretty simple obviously, but I like it that way and it fits my purpose!

I figure 2 UFOs and one new project should offer me enough variety to keep me going!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Another FO! Woohoo!

Candi, if you're reading close your eyes! :)

This is the sweater I just finished making for my sis for Christmas 2008. I started July 10, 2008 and any avid Knitter will tell you half way through any project new things become so much more alluring! LOL!

Anyway it is done, I love it, and one day will make me one too! :)

Sunday, April 05, 2009

UFOs are topping the List.

Wow, in my nesting cleaning frenzy, I'm finding a ton of UFO's that need completing (knit, sew, crochet you name it!) .... so off I march on an alien expedition to finish them up! Look at the in Progress and the Recently Completed lists in the sidebar and all the UFOs will be marked as UFO.

This should be quite the adventure! LOL! I didn't realize I was such a bad finisher! LOL! Will post pictures as time permits. Posts will be labelled UFOs and also the title will have UFO in there somewhere!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

CAM - Cesarean Awareness Month

  • April is Cesarean Awareness Month.
  • The cesarean rate for the u.s. is 31.1% despite the world health organization's recommended rate is between 5 and 10%.
if you or anyone you know has had a c-section or is being threatened with one visit the ICAN website today to receive information on how to bring this number down.