Friday, April 28, 2006

1 Month Old

I can't believe how quickly they grow.... *sigh*

A Girl Grunge Kit by Susan Godfrey available at Elemental Scraps Shoppe
Fonts are Bradley's Hand and MA Sexy

Thursday, April 27, 2006

B is For....

BeMyBaby Kit by Susan Godfrey which should be available at Elemental Scraps shortly!
Fonts are Papyrus, Garamond, and Bradley's Hand.

I learned a new trick today for resizing my images... so hopefully they'll load faster! :) Look for PIXresizer online and download the freebie - its an awesome tool!

Patience (New Kit by Susan Godfrey)

BeMyBaby by Susan Godfrey, available at
Elemental Scraps
Font is Papyrus and Bradley's Hand.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ABC Challenge

There is an ABC Challenge at Elemental Scraps.

So A is for.....

Animals of course! :)

A trip to the zoo yields a few pics of the Zoo right?!

Kit is Lauren Grier's Zoo Buddies (Crop Freebie) Alpha is also hers from the SweetHeart kit (recoloured here)
fonts are Harlow and Bradley's Hand.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Gina's Sketches #6 & #8

Spring JellyBean Kit by MissMint
Fonts are Papyrus and Bradley's Hand
Alpha is from Joedee Matsler's Pistacchio Pudding
Gina's Sketch #6

Same kit, Font is Bradley's Hand - Gina's Sketch #8

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Washing the Floor Layout.

Very bland and simple based originally on a scraplift layout from Lauren at ElementalScraps, but it turned into its own Layout and only used her quote "Imagination is everything."
Kit is DDE-AquaDreams by Gina Cabrera, Fonts are Vivaldi, Times New Roman and Pristina

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Susan's Colour Challenge at Elemental Scraps

I seem to be spending a lot of time at Elemental Scraps lately. But I'm inspired! :) This layout was done using papers I created from the color swatches she provided.... The Dots and Stitching are from MissMint's SpringJellyBean Kit.

Can we say Addicted??

Birthday Layouts on Shabby Birthday Kit for April 19 Crop at Element Scraps by Susan Godfrey.
Font is Bradley's Hand and Harlow.

This was inspired by a Challenge from Amanda at Elemental Scraps and was done on Zoo Papers from Lauren Grier (Chat freebie)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

1 December LO and 2 Easter LOs

This first one here is a picture of baby H after 4 months in hospital. It was Christmas hence the red and green and the holly and berries. This is my all time favourite picture of her. The fonts for this kid are Harlow and Journal is Bradley's Hand.

Journal reads:
You spent your first Christmas in the TD-ICU at Children's. Santa visited you there and we spent a quiet Christmas together as a family in your room. The nurses were great. I had hoped that you would be home by now, but the doctors are promising it will happen soon.

Christmas Eve Santa stoped by to visit. Like a good little girl you were fast asleep.

Simple layout here for Sarah.

Kit is Fun by Amanda Rockwell, Font is ??

Kit is still Fun by Amanda Rockwell

Fonts are Forte and Bradley's Hand.

Journaling reads:

Happy Easter Sweetheart.The day after Easter you and I decided to do a photoshoot with Sarah, so you both put on your pretty dresses from Grandma andout into the yard we went.
The pictures turned out perfectly.The secret behind this picture is you were watching a bee in the Azaleabush and you were actually inmotion to get up and run.Apparently you share that little fear of bumblebees with me!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Garter Sweater - All Done

Buttons have been sewed on the all is ready to toss it in the mail.


I've been Koolaiding in preparation for my next project.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Amanda Done, Mitt-ies in Progress!

Ah, the upcoming expiration of the Photoshop trial gave me a few days reprieve from the computer and I spent a little bit of time catching up on my much neglected knitting work.

I completed the Amanda last night with a few differences including a little ring fobby thing to hold keys and a cellphone in a holder (I always use the label in my store-bought bags and thought this would be useful.) My friend has decided that she wants to felt it herself so I will write up the instructions to give her and let her go to town with. ( pics coming)

I finished my baby hat (for the mint set) tonight as the little one rolled around the floor. I kinda used a pattern and then did my own thing with that and the hat kinda looks cute - instead of the hearts I did garter st. like the jacket. (pics coming)

And I'm still working on my March Charity Challenge (35-40 items).

So a little progress.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

No sign of easing!

So the new obsession has taken over my life with no signs of easing up.

I'm at 20 layouts with only 8 days left of my free trial of Photoshop Elements 4.0 and I gotta say there is no question I'm hooked. My dh compared me to a junkie - I can't seem to get enough of it! LOL!

My knitting and crochet projects haven't fallen by the wayside though, like I said the computer is slow. I feel remotely guilty about ignoring them, but life with an infant and an almost 5 yr old and a scrap addiction is well kinda difficult to focus on more things! LOL!

This month's goal is to finish up the projects I've got on the go and get on with my to do list. So here is the list in black and white.

1. In Progress - Heartghan for friend (Seam - 1.25 of 3 strips done) .... couple months old
2. In Progress - 35 charity items (28 33 of 40 items) .... March goal
3. Amanda Backpack for Friend (10 more rows, strap and felting to do)
4. - Outfit for Aunt's Great Gran (jacket needs buttons, booties done, working on hat and need mitts)
5. In Progress - 52 Digital Scrapbook layouts (20 29 done waiting to print)... 2006 Goal.
6. Ducky print#4 on Embroidery quilt (3 of 12 done) .... Feb goal
7. Sampler quilt. .... Dec goal
8. Bunny print#5 on Embroidery quilt (3 of 12 done) .... New goal
9. 35 Charity items .... April goal