Friday, March 21, 2008

Officially Spring - Gardening Yet?

So its officially spring, does that mean I can start planting yet???

Apparently not, I got another alert this morning that there is another frost warning in effect. One of the Brownie Leaders had some new irises, that she put in last week, hope they survive the 2 frosts we've had.... I hope it's over soon!

I've got some seedlings started, and should probably get some seeds out in the pots. Novice gardener this year, I'm trying to get a salad out of my pots out back.... assuming SeƱor Deadmeat doesn't rear his ugly head again - my children have been warned the squirrel is not our friend. We have tomatoes, he bites them and discards them!

Dh has given me the okay to get a top hat blueberry bush when we get back from the beach. Can't wait, I've put it in my email folder to email me when we get back and if I put it in here I might remember as well! :)

I think this year will be my year of serious novice experimentation with dirt and veggies! :)

Wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Project Spectrum

I found something that appealed to me in a simplistic way today. "The idea of Project Spectrum is simply a celebration of the colors around us, and taking the time to notice them."

I'm pleased to say that I have already done my project for March for it. I don't use much red, but funny I found lots of red in the things happening yesterday. This is one of the grocery bags I've been sewing though this one isn't for me... The red fabric was just too fun to work and play with, it very pretty. It has an Asian flare - the black is actually silhouettes of possibly Asian woment. The fabric shopping bags are based on a "T" store shopping bag and I followed the directions here. The grocery bags are deliciously simple to make and in under 2 weeks of use have drastically cut down on our plastic grocery bag consumption, which is a bonus!

It strikes me as a little odd that my 2 yr old little girl is madly in love with the image of Spiderman, but hey they're only young once... she has no clue who or what Spiderman is as she's never seen the "real deal" on tv or in the movies.... but this just fits with the perfection of RED this month! :) Complete outfit here. Spidey Shoes, and Spidey Jammies. And for the record... the spiders themselves are really Charlotte (from Charlotte's Web - the story) or so she tells me! *GRIN* I don't know who the man is beyond creepy! :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Here, I think!

Our internet is finally straightened out. I think!!

I'm still having issues with email, but until I can put a finger on the problem, I'll have to let the dust settle a little.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Flaky at Best *sigh*

I've been internet-less since Thursday at 1:30 pm - that's when I received my last email, and my last page hit. Our ISP didn't give a darn. After at least 5 calls to them in 3 days, with the latter calls being rapid dial sheer frustration, dh got us back up... and the sad thing is ISP wouldn't couldn't tell us what was up other than there was an outage in our area and we were the first to report it (ya right - dh reported it Friday evening, and I don't believe that I'm the only internet addled idiot with this ISP suffering withdrawl! .... sadly this ISP is the one months ago that was saying on TV - "Your problem is our problem" and "You'll have a team of specialist behind you to get you and keep you running." YA right.

Your best fluffy flaky pastry recipe is probably less flaky than our ISP. GRRRR

Oh well, gave me time to clean, sew and knit. I probably would have baked too but I had a hankering for things I don't have recipes stored for and would have had to SURF then net for *sigh.* If mum can't come unplugged how can you expect the kids to?


7 shopping bags

2/3 preemie outfits

all when I wasn't being yelled at by a recovering 2 yr old flu victim.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Yes, Mission control, We have the FLU

The panting a wheezing stopped when she stopped getting mad because she wasn't in my arms. Ya know a mom has to make lunch, a potty and all those things, and its kinda hard with a 2 yr old in your arms... but anyway... we waited til this morning to visit the Ped, and yes she has the FLU. We were offered Tami-Flu because it has been underway for less than 48 hours. Sadly if I can't even get her to take Tylenol, the Tami-Flu won't be of much use to us. Hopefully M & I don't get a re-occurance which is common with this Year's strain, and most of all hopefully dh won't get it PERIOD.

So here we sit at home catching up on our sleep and being lazy and trying to keep her temps below 102!! While poor little S recovers - oh well off to teach M and then knit some!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Visit - the "Plague Flu"

Afternoon all, your bad blogger popping in for duty today.

Things have been quietly busy here. M's been taking classes which are now over, I've been knitting for a friend's new preemie baby, sewing shopping bags for my new Green motto, contemplating produce bags for said motto, getting our Brownies (Girl Scouts) ready for Thinking Day (Feb 22) with the girl scouts, plus trying to keep everyone well for our visit to see H. Its been just one thing after another, but finally things have slowed down. * come to a screeching halt.*

We visited with baby H - who is no longer a baby - and here (left) is the picture to prove it! LOL! She's grown so much. She's an amazing little girl. And doing very well. Our visit was fabulous! H signs more than 100 signs, is about to start K work, getting more physically mobile... all positive changes. I'm glad that we can keep in touch, it warms my heart every time we see her.

Poor little S though. We were home less than 2 hours when she spiked a temp - to guess about 100, and is now up to 102. She has all the symptoms of the flu plague M and I had in January, which sucks. 2 more minutes and I can call the ped... in under 12 hours in has navigated its way to the upper chest, and she is already panting, hacking and wheezing, not a good sign for bronchial family! :(