Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Visit - the "Plague Flu"

Afternoon all, your bad blogger popping in for duty today.

Things have been quietly busy here. M's been taking classes which are now over, I've been knitting for a friend's new preemie baby, sewing shopping bags for my new Green motto, contemplating produce bags for said motto, getting our Brownies (Girl Scouts) ready for Thinking Day (Feb 22) with the girl scouts, plus trying to keep everyone well for our visit to see H. Its been just one thing after another, but finally things have slowed down. * come to a screeching halt.*

We visited with baby H - who is no longer a baby - and here (left) is the picture to prove it! LOL! She's grown so much. She's an amazing little girl. And doing very well. Our visit was fabulous! H signs more than 100 signs, is about to start K work, getting more physically mobile... all positive changes. I'm glad that we can keep in touch, it warms my heart every time we see her.

Poor little S though. We were home less than 2 hours when she spiked a temp - to guess about 100, and is now up to 102. She has all the symptoms of the flu plague M and I had in January, which sucks. 2 more minutes and I can call the ped... in under 12 hours in has navigated its way to the upper chest, and she is already panting, hacking and wheezing, not a good sign for bronchial family! :(

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