Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Yes, Mission control, We have the FLU

The panting a wheezing stopped when she stopped getting mad because she wasn't in my arms. Ya know a mom has to make lunch, a potty and all those things, and its kinda hard with a 2 yr old in your arms... but anyway... we waited til this morning to visit the Ped, and yes she has the FLU. We were offered Tami-Flu because it has been underway for less than 48 hours. Sadly if I can't even get her to take Tylenol, the Tami-Flu won't be of much use to us. Hopefully M & I don't get a re-occurance which is common with this Year's strain, and most of all hopefully dh won't get it PERIOD.

So here we sit at home catching up on our sleep and being lazy and trying to keep her temps below 102!! While poor little S recovers - oh well off to teach M and then knit some!

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