Monday, March 10, 2008

Flaky at Best *sigh*

I've been internet-less since Thursday at 1:30 pm - that's when I received my last email, and my last page hit. Our ISP didn't give a darn. After at least 5 calls to them in 3 days, with the latter calls being rapid dial sheer frustration, dh got us back up... and the sad thing is ISP wouldn't couldn't tell us what was up other than there was an outage in our area and we were the first to report it (ya right - dh reported it Friday evening, and I don't believe that I'm the only internet addled idiot with this ISP suffering withdrawl! .... sadly this ISP is the one months ago that was saying on TV - "Your problem is our problem" and "You'll have a team of specialist behind you to get you and keep you running." YA right.

Your best fluffy flaky pastry recipe is probably less flaky than our ISP. GRRRR

Oh well, gave me time to clean, sew and knit. I probably would have baked too but I had a hankering for things I don't have recipes stored for and would have had to SURF then net for *sigh.* If mum can't come unplugged how can you expect the kids to?


7 shopping bags

2/3 preemie outfits

all when I wasn't being yelled at by a recovering 2 yr old flu victim.

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AmyDe said...

glad you're back in the 21st century. We had the same problem several years ago with phone service - when we went to cable company phone - we were back to bellsouth before they could get us disconnected from the first one. So frustrating!