Monday, May 28, 2007

New Foray

Every hobbyist needs food so I have ventured into cake decorating! LOL!

Eldest is having a birthday on Friday and a party sometime soon afterwards - yes bad mummy hasn't set the date yet - but I've been working on the cakes! :)

She has an obsession with Frogs and thanks to a webfriend we managed to find something fun to make for the goodies. I'm no expert at these kinda things and really not patient enough to try but this was fun! :) The fruit roll up tongues were cute, I didn't realize when i bought them that they had splotches on them, which worked well as this frog caught a bug or two. LOL!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where is the Handbook? I need to edit it.

I swear there is something in the childhood handbook that says when Mum takes you out to the store, you have to be the worst little hellions there are, the thought being that Mum can't take us anywhere so we can spend all our time at the park or playing somewhere.... not a bad rule unless you're the mum.

Child A - the encourager.
Child B - the do-er

Child B does something to irk Child A... then Child A laughs until Child B does something to make mummy so mad.

(I love my children dearly but they are driving me to the brink...)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Identity Theft.... Alert, for ATL babies parents

After receiving 3 (not 1 but 3) separate letters from various State MEDICAL affiliated organizations about one of my children, watching the news tonight I caught the tail end of yet another Identity Theft Alert, but I missed the details so I quested on a mission to make sure that no more of my children were affected.... thank goodness this time they weren't. If you've had a kid between April 1, 2006 and March 17, 2007 in the ATL area hospitals.... You might want to read this! You'll get a letter anyway if it affects you but you still might want to know..

Is nothing sacred anymore?!

Hyena's from the Dark and Mirky and failed shopping trips

Ya know I'm trying to be a good wifey.... I'm trying get my poop together so that I can get my house organized and feed my family good healthy home cooked meals..... but I'm so unprepared for this kind of child! LOL! I got spoiled with the first and second... so apparently it is divine retribution! I hope I'm a quick study! LOL! Without further adieu - Failed shopping trips or maybe they're successful depending on your perspective!

You know your shopping trip is doomed from the start when child B spills her drink all over her shirt, knit shorts and cloth diaper.... and the freshly washed carseat cover is still drinking up the liquid! But the tides seem to change when someone takes pity on you and forgot to take your weekend ditty bag out of the trunk, thus you find not only a FULL change of clothes *what was I thinking* but a wad of disposable diapers that you 'NEVER' ordinarily have on hand. But don't be fooled... this is just a ruse. You put your seemingly innocent children into the cart and they start pounding the snot out of each other.... Long hair begets screeches of "MUMMY she pulled my hair", followed by "OW OW OW" from the gibberish-laden vocabulary of your 1 yr old. "What did you do?" "I bit her ear!" "You WHAT?" Sheepish grin. GRRR. A few minutes later your 1 yr old is bellowing.... yes bellowing at full tilt to be let out of the seat and the minute you get her clear of the cart she does that neat trick of putting her arms straight over hear head so she lands in a heap on the floor with a leering grin - that makes you shiver. You are doomed and you know it.... but maybe they'll be goood.... you fool! Just one more thing....
The one year old contentedly walks by the cart for all of the 5 seconds it takes to crest the next aisle, then she without warning darts like a cat burglar in and out of the view of the moving carts that have converged to plug this aisle, like there aren't 12 other aisles to be in! You spy the cans... a vision blooms in your head of the cans being meticulous pulled from the shelves... and the familiar heap and grin make you shiver again! You grab 3 cans before admitting defeat and you don't dare give rise to your vision which remains a vision due to your quick wit and clever planning. Your children have won but the battle is not over - you still have to check out what is in your basket.... you refuse to come home empty handed..... half a dinner is better than nothing... thank goodness you are vegetarian again - because the only meat in the cart was had from the deli before that leering all telling grin that forecast the outcome of this trip. Your attempts to have the 1 yr old cooperatively walk by the cart end in a battle of who is more agile.... the 1 yr old or her mother. Mother reigns supreme in this department but Hyena B has a voice that can make her displeasure known to all who happen near. I had a woman look at me like I was abducting my child from the store... thank goodness they look like me! LOL! She said nothing.

We made it home safe, the little groceries we did get were put away amid a spewing of obscenities that I'm glad I couldn't understand from the 1 yr old.

Thank goodness for nap times and chocolate!

The question becomes will I survive this child?

ETA: Yes it is okay to laugh... I won't be offended.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back - Knit Happenings - Life

Well the girls recovered from their illness, and dh and I still have a lingering kinda coughy thing happening. S is now teething her 2 yr molars, she is a drooling fiend which is unusual for a 1.5 yr old in my estimation but hey - I'm a weirdo in my views anyway! LOL!

So we had an awesome time at the beach. Discovered that S has a vocabulary at almost 17 mos of 24 intelligible words or signs.... (4-ish signs and 20 words.) We didn't really keep up the sign with her until she was much older - so we're lagging a little with that, but we will be trying to find a sign instructor so that the girls can communicate with their sister and other individuals that practice sign. I think it would be awesome to have them fluent in sign (and of course I'm learning too!)

Anyway we've discovered the M hates noise and S loves it. We caught the Blue Angels first practice since the airshow accident, while in Pensacola, FL.... Sarah loved it, and when it was done she kept signing more and pointing to the sky! LOL! S love birds too... and made up a new sign for bird.... reminiscent of the birdy dancy move... followed by a eee eee. Each birdy was followed by the sign more and her new sign repeated multiple times! Its funny to see her communicate this way. S hated the sand at first lifting her legs until I set her on our towels. Then she began investigating the sand 1 finger at a time, until by the time we left she had sand in her hair, all over her face you name it! LOL! She never did acclimate to the surf, but there is still hope for the pool!

M loved the beach the sand, surf.... and watching the airshow practice, even if she spent the whole time with her hands over her ears. We had an awesome time playing the license plate game on the 6 hr trip down to the beach... we all kept watch for new ones, and she has two favourite state plates... Arizona and Hawaii (purple cacti and rainbow - very girly!)

So when we were driving or not on the beach, I managed 10 of 50 pumpkin hats - my new goal for the end of the year. And I also completed 2 of 50 Christmas hats to make a total of 6 (I think.)

I came home to some fluff mail of yarn-y bliss! LOL! The 3 balls of PW I had just ordered (Rosa&Verde, Otono, Capriccio) So after balling them last night I have the Rosa&Verde on the hook for a pair of LadyBug Pants. I'd love to start making these pants or even the shorties for pay but have no clue where to begin on that front... so I'll just keep on making my own for now... unless someone pipes up and says OH Please make me some!

Life seems really crazy at the moment. As most of the neighbors (I mean local friends - definitely not my neighbors) are gearing up for the wind down of school and the lazy days of summer to come, they seem to be pulling me along into the craziness of their lives. I seem to be getting more involved with happenings and planning things... like helping out with the end of year Daisy/Brownie stuff... I need to pick up supplies for a craft on Thursday.... and other things too.... so life is spinning along at a quicker pace than I'm used to!

Will get pics of the yarn-y goodness when I get a chance.... in the mean time.... anyone know any spinners that would be willing to show a 6 yr old what they do but not necessarily how to do it?
I'm thinking of taking the girls to see a sheep sheering this year, and want to find a spinner to show my almost 6 yr old where my fascination comes from! :) And how it gets made into the products I use today!