Monday, May 28, 2007

New Foray

Every hobbyist needs food so I have ventured into cake decorating! LOL!

Eldest is having a birthday on Friday and a party sometime soon afterwards - yes bad mummy hasn't set the date yet - but I've been working on the cakes! :)

She has an obsession with Frogs and thanks to a webfriend we managed to find something fun to make for the goodies. I'm no expert at these kinda things and really not patient enough to try but this was fun! :) The fruit roll up tongues were cute, I didn't realize when i bought them that they had splotches on them, which worked well as this frog caught a bug or two. LOL!


Noee01 said...

Those are cute! What did you use for the eyes?

Grumpy said...

Jubes for the eyes, dipped them in Icing to hide them and then stuck chocolate chips on the outside!