Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Health and Moving

Friday my Small Fruit Box arrived from a local delivery service.  I missed the delivery guy and they only packed the box with one extremely tiny already melted ice pack - which I return to them when my next delivery comes.  I think next time I'll leave out a cooler and put my own ice packs inside.

I was pleased with the variety of organic fruits in the box.  3 of everything except the less used citrus fruit, plums and avocado.  The strawberries were not in the best shape, I think I only managed to salvage half the box so I won't be adding them next time, they also tasted shelved (they were actually horrible), I think I'll keep my visit to the grocery store for berries and quick spoil fruits.  Here it is only Tuesday and the girls and I have already devoured most of this selection.    While this size box was designed to feed about 3 people (and we are 5) I don't think ordering a bigger box would be smart - because these are truly fresh (near peak) and therefore won't last long, definitely not 2 weeks but I can shop in between or add another box  The fruit is tasty and clean but, I'm not sure that it was worth the amount I paid for it.  I'll have to make a run to the grocery store this week and buy the same amount and kinds of fruit (organic) and find the price differential and determine if delivery is worth it (factoring fuel as well!)  I must say this was worth the experiment and definitely has given me some ideas to add to our repertoire anyway!

In the mean time, we are furiously packing to move.  In about 5-6 weeks we'll be changing homes.  I've been packing since mid-May, and this room is finally nearly done.  Some of these shelves were double lined with paperback and hardback books and this is all that remains.  There are 2 additional similarly sized bookshelves on the other side of the room.

I'm expecting my nature box in the next day or so.  They emailed me to tell me it was on its way!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Continuing on a Health Quest

So last week I posted about the new changes I'm making and this week is focusing on the little changes that make a difference.  I've finally made a long awaited appointment with Dr. to find out where I'm at health-wise - I mean despite being overweight with high blood pressure, so a physical will happen shortly, including blood test and the like.  This time it's all about me!

So no word yet on the Naturebox and when it will arrive.  But it is only 1.5 weeks now since I put in my order.  A little sad at the time it takes to get it moving but they did say 2-3 weeks, so hopefully I'll hear something soon!

The Co-Op is set to deliver a box of Fresh fruits this Friday - we added some Strawberries to the box since one of my girls is a Strawberry fiend and the contents of the box for the week is looking interesting!  I can't believe I'm actually excited to try this... but since I'm not thrilled with the supply of fruits at the local grocery store, I guess that might explain it.  

In preparation for the fruit box that is coming we went through the list of veggies that they ship too and they had things on there that I have never seen before.  I'm not sure what a small box will really yield for us so, we'll see what we get and go from there.

In the mean time, my middlest is helping me make better choices.  I think she is tired of the lunches we've been having, so she is making suggestions of her own and her's are definitely more nutritious (with some additions) than mine have been so, I consider her as my little helper! :)

Keeping on changing!  Keep ya posted.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Experimenting with Health

So many false starts lately! :(

Of late, I've tried to get this blog going again with very little success.  I've tried a weightloss challenge, I've tried a house habit challenge and it's just not keeping me going here.  I think I need to redefine my purpose!

Wish me luck here I'm gonna need it!

So many changes are afoot in our house at the moment that it seems like a good time to make a fresh start!  Moving day is looming, once the repairs to the new house are done and the old house is packed up, we'll have a new view of the world!  And with that I've been thinking about my health lately and the crappy foods I've been eating, despite knowing they are bad for me, I do it anyway.  My girls are learning bad things from me this way, so I'm hoping to make some positive changes.  I'm supposed to be their roll model.

I suck at doing lunches and snacks at home.  They usually consist of processed foods and things that aren't so good for us... so Change #1.  I've been considering NatureBox for about a month now and finally took the plunge.   What is it you ask?  Well, before I give you the link, let me explain.  It is a box of healthy snacks that are free of High Fructose Corn Syrup, Trans Fats, partially hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, colours and flavours.  It appears to be mostly dried fruits and nuts and the like... but we will see.  My first box should arrive in 2-3 weeks.  And I hope to review it at that time.  Mine will be an unbiased review (save mine and my family's taste preferences) based on value for price.  We've ordered the Family box, which is 10 FULL-sized packages of snacks each month (5 different snacks, 2 packages of each.)  You can find more details at  Naturebox.com

Change #2.  follows the same idea, in that I've been looking to go more organic in our food choices, after having looked at the "Dirty Dozen" lists posted on the web.  It would allow me to eat more healthy fruits and veggies and not worry about the ones that are highest in pesticides.  So I've found an online co-op that will deliver to my door.  Sometime in the next week or so I should get my first box of fruit.  I'm starting small first, because I'm learning that doing things in the big way I normally do, usually spells disaster! (look ma, I'm growing up!)  So I started out with a box of fruit and if it works for us, we'll consider moving on to a mixed box or add a box of veggies later.  This can only be good for all of us right?

For the record, I'm currently overweight with blood pressure issues and likely cholesterol issues.  So in addition to the above, I've decided that I need to visit my doc before I put these changes into effect, because I know he'll want me back in a couple months and I'll want to seem some dramatic changes! :)

So there ya have it... I'm trying to get back in the saddle and reign in some health for myself... and get this blog going in a health direction.  I'm also looking to get back into digital scrapbooking and simply sharing some fun!

Wish me luck, and I'll try to keep you posted.