Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ya Baby!

My fingers went surfing on the net and I found out there were still some in another store on the other side of town..... Between car-failure (the alternator supposedly went bad) and bad planning she got her bag... and is happy. It was a gift from the Housefairy for straightening her room. Smart Lady that House Fairy - she knew M wanted it and she couldn't find it so she asked me to look and well you know the rest of the story. At the point we found it I would have been quite happy to get one without a frog.... but her has one so she is even more thrilled! I think we got the last one in the store.

Of course there is no show without punch right.... so while we're there searching little S is yelling Packback, packback... she was out with me last night while I was searching for the beastly thing... Well how could I refuse? But I wasn't prepared to pay $15 for a little fun bag for her... so when spotted this thing I couldn't resist. It is Thermos lunch kit. Too cool.... it has a zippered shoulder strap making it the perfect size backpack for a toddler who must be like her sister and it was $6.34 I'm glad I found it because she was just thrilled withit the whole way home and has been running around with M's backpacks for more than a week now. :) Though of course you have to realize that her sister's is infinitely far more interesting than hers right.... So I'm thinking I might jsut get some patches for hers and doll it up to look like a little girly tote even if I have to sew the patches on.... yes we're all about patches these days! LOL!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dang nabbit :(

DD saw a backpack at Target she liked a couple days ago. What with the back to school sales and all - of course... I should know better than to "window" shop during these 3 weeks! LOL!
It was pink and turquoise... with a froggy hanging off of it.
$14.99 Went to get it tonight... its gone. :(


Friday, August 03, 2007

More layouts from the last 2 days.

Credits: Papers by me - fonts are ?? and Bradley's hand.
In honour of turning 6 and the school year starting soon, I figured the colour challenge at Gottapixel would be a good time remember the things that dd is currently fond of put ink to paper in a Who am I now layout.

Back in January we visited our middle dd. It was the first time the youngest got to meet her sister. She loved the toys! :)
Credits: Beauty add on by Cinzia Loosemore at Digital Freebies. Font is James Fajardo.
Here are the girls playing with Oscar the grouch and a wooded stacking rings toy.... they looked like they were having a good time! :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2nd Birthdays (in 2003).... but that's not all!

So GottaPixel's challenge today (1st of the month) is a blue print challenge, they give you a template to work with and you do what you do best and play with it. Well as is common in the scrapbooking world most of the layouts done are square.... or large, so I have to adapt them to make them work for me... Its just more economical for me to print 5x7 instead of 8x10 or 12x12. SO the first is my alteration of Monica's blueprint challenge, and the 2nd is just how I added a 2nd page! LOL! Because I like uniformity for 2 pagers! :)
Ribbon - recoloured and paper recoloured but all original to Monica's August BluePrint Challenge.
Fonts are Script MT Bold and Bradley's hand and I think Ma Sexy.

So I'm getting my feet wet again with scrapbooking! :)

But that is not all.
On the hook I have a pair of soakers either for S or for charity, not sure which... depends on if I feel like adding a skirt to them! :)
On the needles, I have a charity pumpkin hat, and a Curly Purly soaker in peace fleece, which I need to frog.
I've got some patterns ready to sew for the girls.... just need to cut and sew.
Need to sew a skirt for me before our trip!
I'm working on my quilt again. I hadn't thought of it in months until I brought home Circle of Quilts... by Jennifer Chiavarini (book on tape!) from the library and got inspired! :)

and sadly my garden sucks.... no tomatoes... no peppers.... *sigh*