Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ya Baby!

My fingers went surfing on the net and I found out there were still some in another store on the other side of town..... Between car-failure (the alternator supposedly went bad) and bad planning she got her bag... and is happy. It was a gift from the Housefairy for straightening her room. Smart Lady that House Fairy - she knew M wanted it and she couldn't find it so she asked me to look and well you know the rest of the story. At the point we found it I would have been quite happy to get one without a frog.... but her has one so she is even more thrilled! I think we got the last one in the store.

Of course there is no show without punch right.... so while we're there searching little S is yelling Packback, packback... she was out with me last night while I was searching for the beastly thing... Well how could I refuse? But I wasn't prepared to pay $15 for a little fun bag for her... so when spotted this thing I couldn't resist. It is Thermos lunch kit. Too cool.... it has a zippered shoulder strap making it the perfect size backpack for a toddler who must be like her sister and it was $6.34 I'm glad I found it because she was just thrilled withit the whole way home and has been running around with M's backpacks for more than a week now. :) Though of course you have to realize that her sister's is infinitely far more interesting than hers right.... So I'm thinking I might jsut get some patches for hers and doll it up to look like a little girly tote even if I have to sew the patches on.... yes we're all about patches these days! LOL!

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