Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sewing - Ottobre Magazine (04/2007)

The new magazine from Ottobre is up.
I ordered it. I love the patterns in there and want to actually make some of the girls fall clothes this year.

It is insanely crazy to think that I could make their entire wardrobe for fall - nor I think do I really want to but some of the outfits in the Ottobre magazine are cool and hip... and would give me practice and some fun sewing.

I think it might be time to send in my sewing machine and get it cleaned up.

I have a few things on my make list this year including:

  • Cape for Sass (need to find some nice velvet or velour and some matching fleece)
  • Brownie Pants / Skirt / Skort / Dress for M
  • pretend Brownie vest for S.
  • Halloween costumes.
  • Thanksgiving / Christmas dresses
So I think that is a start for the season!

I've also found some awesome art lessons for M, that could turn into practical things like Christmas cards or Thanksgiving cards for the family! I can't wait to get started....

Monday, July 30, 2007

All Clear

The first dental visit went well. She can't wait to go back in 6 months. Darling dh booked the appointment already - good thing because I never get around to doing.

I'll have to scrap a page about it and explain the excitment she voiced when she got home about the adventure. Mr Thirsty, and orange flavored something or other! LOL!

Teeth are clean , no cavities... 3 loose ones... :)

First Dentist Visit

I have a fear of dentists.

M (age 6) is at the dentist for the first time as I type. I had to have my dh take her because I don't want my fear to rub off on her, I just don't think I could handle watching her at the dentist and I think maybe she would play on that concept - not deliberately... but because she could.

The scrap-booker in me wants to run over and take pictures.
The me in me wants to throw up.
The mum in me says OMG my baby is growing up! Another step in her belt loop of freedom.

So maybe I'll scrap a page about her visit when they come back and fill in the details for me.

.....meanwhile back at the ranch my fingernails will be ragged with the bite marks and my stomach will churn until they come back with a clean bill of teeth.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Here is a layout of my girls at the beach in April.
This layout was done for the GottaBeQuick Scrap at GottaPixel.
Papers by Sarah Meyer's Gotta Be Quick - Sweet Sundress kit.

Not much to say today - miffed I was supposed to be in Toronto but got turned away for passport issues. *sigh*

Monday, July 16, 2007

Two Recent Layouts

This first layout was done for an "Artfully Yours" Challenge at Gotta Pixel. I just couldn't resist the sweetness of a pencil type drawing of two girls sleeping. The Poem comes from M's favourite book of bedtime stories and is one her and her daddy have shared since she was 2 yrs old.

Playing with the original photo I took a photo copy of it and then used the ink spray or charcol features in PSE 4.0. to make it look like a pencil drawing. I used the papers offered in the challenge.
Papers by Christina Wall at Gottapixel.

This second was inspired by the same Challenge, but not to my liking as much for it, so I did a little different I was trying to get the same effect using different techniques but don't think they turned out quite so well.

The blue in "Sarah's" eyes was completely by accident and isn't really blue its gray For some reason when I moved the layer over to the working copy it didn't clear the eyes background. I liked the effect so I kept it! Both images are classically my girls and they are roughly the same age frame.
M is 1 yr on the left and 10 months on the right
S is 8 months on the left and 9 months on the right.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Try It #7 Complete - Foody Pics!

Since joining Brownies we've learned a few neat things that keep us busy.
Today M planned lunch. At 6 you'd figure that she would pick everything sugary..... but no... the food pyramid as our guide (with Breads and and Fruits'nVeggies reversed) we had a good healthy lunch....

After lunch when the little one went to nap (yes a nap today too!) M and I played with part 4 of her try it..... and here is what we got. I've just ordered them through one of the photo services and we'll put them in her scrap book! :)
All images borrowed from various internet sites.... The object was to cut items out of a magazine but since I have few magazines pertaining to food, we surfed and borrowed.... since these are for personal use.... (if anyone has a problem, please email me and the photos will be removed!) :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Telephone Slamming ....

A new one on me! With the de-regulation of telephone carriers a few years ago a new problem arose. Its called Slamming.

Direct Quote:
"Definition: Slamming occurs when your telephone service is switched from your current company to another one without your permission. Long-distance service is the most common target of slamming, but it can also happen with local or local-toll service."

Its apparently pretty common in the US but not quite as bad in Canada.

I'm furious. After almost 30 yrs of dialing the same number that I call almost weekly - there is a very large likelihood I will never be able to call that number again! The person who had that number doesn't feel any better than I do.

If you find yourself a victim of this - some of your actions should include....
  1. Phone your chosen carrier (the one you were with) advise them that you have been slammed. (on this - 99% of the time their front line people will not have a clue what the devil you are talking about - explain and move on up the chain - keep on moving up the chain until you get an answer from someone who does - my suggestion keep moving on up through the supervisor ranks till you are satisfied.)
  2. Phone the CRTC (in Canada) or the FCC (in the US) and launch a complaint
I will likely add to this list as remedy is sought in the above action, and as I find more answers. I also hope to add links to this entry shortly as I find some good ones.