Monday, July 16, 2007

Two Recent Layouts

This first layout was done for an "Artfully Yours" Challenge at Gotta Pixel. I just couldn't resist the sweetness of a pencil type drawing of two girls sleeping. The Poem comes from M's favourite book of bedtime stories and is one her and her daddy have shared since she was 2 yrs old.

Playing with the original photo I took a photo copy of it and then used the ink spray or charcol features in PSE 4.0. to make it look like a pencil drawing. I used the papers offered in the challenge.
Papers by Christina Wall at Gottapixel.

This second was inspired by the same Challenge, but not to my liking as much for it, so I did a little different I was trying to get the same effect using different techniques but don't think they turned out quite so well.

The blue in "Sarah's" eyes was completely by accident and isn't really blue its gray For some reason when I moved the layer over to the working copy it didn't clear the eyes background. I liked the effect so I kept it! Both images are classically my girls and they are roughly the same age frame.
M is 1 yr on the left and 10 months on the right
S is 8 months on the left and 9 months on the right.

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Noee01 said...

They look wonderful! Love the first one!