Monday, July 09, 2007

Try It #7 Complete - Foody Pics!

Since joining Brownies we've learned a few neat things that keep us busy.
Today M planned lunch. At 6 you'd figure that she would pick everything sugary..... but no... the food pyramid as our guide (with Breads and and Fruits'nVeggies reversed) we had a good healthy lunch....

After lunch when the little one went to nap (yes a nap today too!) M and I played with part 4 of her try it..... and here is what we got. I've just ordered them through one of the photo services and we'll put them in her scrap book! :)
All images borrowed from various internet sites.... The object was to cut items out of a magazine but since I have few magazines pertaining to food, we surfed and borrowed.... since these are for personal use.... (if anyone has a problem, please email me and the photos will be removed!) :)

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