Sunday, July 01, 2007

Telephone Slamming ....

A new one on me! With the de-regulation of telephone carriers a few years ago a new problem arose. Its called Slamming.

Direct Quote:
"Definition: Slamming occurs when your telephone service is switched from your current company to another one without your permission. Long-distance service is the most common target of slamming, but it can also happen with local or local-toll service."

Its apparently pretty common in the US but not quite as bad in Canada.

I'm furious. After almost 30 yrs of dialing the same number that I call almost weekly - there is a very large likelihood I will never be able to call that number again! The person who had that number doesn't feel any better than I do.

If you find yourself a victim of this - some of your actions should include....
  1. Phone your chosen carrier (the one you were with) advise them that you have been slammed. (on this - 99% of the time their front line people will not have a clue what the devil you are talking about - explain and move on up the chain - keep on moving up the chain until you get an answer from someone who does - my suggestion keep moving on up through the supervisor ranks till you are satisfied.)
  2. Phone the CRTC (in Canada) or the FCC (in the US) and launch a complaint
I will likely add to this list as remedy is sought in the above action, and as I find more answers. I also hope to add links to this entry shortly as I find some good ones.

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