Sunday, December 30, 2007

Peasant Top

12/16 - Yes it is the dead of winter, and probably the coldest day of the season so far! And here I am at home thinking about this darling peasant top that I just found a Tutorial for and managed to make in under 2 hrs. (first one is always the slowest right?) The ideas are brimming and I could use up a few things in my stash... I might also be able to play with it some and change this simple summery top into something long and wintery! :)

Here is the Tutorial
Just Tutes Peasant Top

I may just have to try the Patchwork Circle Skirt too! :) And dd will have a cute summer outfit! :)

DD doesn't look thrilled with her top does she?? LOL!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Belated Merry Christmas

Ya know.... if I could have logged in... I would have wished y'all a Merry Christmas...
But blogger never lets me in these days! *sigh*


and in case I can't log in after today!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Organizing - Tossing and Decluttering.

For months now since we upgraded the guest room, and moved the computers downstairs, the bonus room has been a wrecked room! Books all over the floor, toys scattered everywhere, discarded computer parts scattered from here to kingdom-come. Grrrr its been annoying me. Every time I walk in that room I have an overwhelming urge to light a stick of dynamite (because it would seriously make it look better.) Well tonight I got a bee in my bum - for lack of a better expression. On the weekend I had tossed 3 boxes which had taken up residence in the dining room and were accumulating stuff up into the bonus room and realized they could be put to good use - at least alleviating the visual clutter and paring it down to mere boxes... hey I can move anytime I want right! :) So I packed up all the junk in there and stuffed it all into boxes.

I have a plan to go through each box when the girls give me the night off and parse through their toys, along with other junk that has accumulated over the years (yes including dh's computer bits!) and make a go at emptying that room at least down to a couple rubbermaid/sterlite (for we can't be particular) boxes that will take up permanent residence in there. I think I will use it as my storage closet - since it is too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer to really do anything else with it. I couldn't imagine possibly sewing up there. *sigh* (of course for the amount we use the dining room maybe we should make the bonus room the dining *silly snicker!*)

When we moved the computers downstairs I had just taken all the stuff off my desk at the time and dropped it into one of plastic laundry baskets... and shoved it under a desk up there... well I filled it to the brim tonight while dh was putting the older one to bed... brought it all downstairs and (along with the garbage bag) and when the little bean went to bed started filling the garbage bag. The only thing left is a wad of scrapbooking magazines that I need to parse through and pull out the pages I want to keep! I think I'll get a binder and use some of the page protectors I have and start my ideas book.

10 minutes ago the basket was empty... it has now been filled with the first box that has been living in my laundry room for the last week or so.

I'm serious I have so got to get organized! And need to stop wasting my money on magazines which I will read through and then toss out! I daren't add up the amount of those magazines... as I decapitate them and realize how much I wasted!

Oh well happy decluttered home here we come! (come hell or high water!)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Little One

Two Years ago today we were spending our first day with our newest little one. She, like her siblings, has changed our lives for the better.

So here she is Today

Happy birthday Little One.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ramblings and Groanings

I always have trouble logging into Blogger! *sigh* So why should today be any different.

The New Knitty is up! :) YAY! I may try the Doddy or the Eco-Friendly fairy in the yarn I have kicking around... both sound interesting. Or I may spend some time finishing the projects I've got on the go! LOL!

The little one is now 4 days shy of her 2nd birthday. There are questions as to whether she will live that long. Is there something magical about the age of 2 that makes them incredibly clumsy? I'm serious. She'll be sitting on a chair drawing one minute, I turn around to look for another pencil and hear crash... and she is on the floor, on her belly wailing.

The Stokke (kinderzeat - which doesn't have the 5 pt harness) we used for our older dd is like a menacing wall of danger to the little one... don't ask me how! So that has been put away just because the number of accidents went from 1 periodically to 3 a day... and I didn't change anything except the time marched on! My sanity just couldn't take it anymore! So she uses a regular chair - she's tall enough!

She took a sippy of water from me and went over to the table, where the chair was slightly out - enough for her to get up to the table... did I mention she is fiendishly independent?..... anyway she sets the water on the table, and I move over to help - I'm a step away from reaching her (she moves quick) she is climbing on to the chair... crash... followed by the "OMG I'm REALLY hurt" squeal. Literally not even a millisecond later, a quick glance in her mouth as I peel her off the floor indicates blood. Lovely charming gushing mouth cuts! Teeth, Cheek, Gums, or God I hope not the Tongue? The cry of a baby with the wind sucked out of her... yes she is hurting... and pretty bad. She won't let me look... okay I'll keep calming her some more. "I wan bankie" Meanwhile the 6 yr old saw the commotion has run pale faced and hid under my computer desk down the hall. "Mae? Can you bring her Bankie?" she does.... good sister! Must remember to have her help when she can!

A couple seconds with Bankie and she is calming right down. "Will you let me look?"
Little: "No."
Me: "I need to find where the blood is coming from."
Little: "No."
Me: "Does it hurt?"
Little: "mm-mm" (the no sound too quick - translate Little-ese- "yes.")
Me: "Your teeth?"
Little: "No"
Me: "Your cheek?"
Little: "No"
Me: "Your tongue?"
Little: "mm hmm" (yes)
Me: "I need to see. Stick your tongue out at Mae" she does.... puncture wounds... gah... oh well at least the blood is stopped.

Add that to the list of injuries she has incurred in the last few days.... if record holds up right she should have a nice bruise on her head in time for her birthday - only because I'd really like a nice 2 yr old picture of her!

What's your vote? does she make it to 2?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Page two to go with Sweet Sarah Below

She was mad that I wouldn't pick her up because in the 30 minute walk I had carried her already 25 minutes... so I snapped her pic and daddy picked her up but she didn't want Daddy she wanted me! LOL! (yes I know horrible mummy!)