Monday, June 21, 2010

The Return!

Wow, its been a serious while since I've posted here. Life with a little one, and 2 big ones keeps a momma on her toes. I had the option of either crafting or posting. And no-offense dear readers (if there are any left) I've not been feeling very friendly in the posting department. So sorry. With that said though, I'm aiming to start blogging again and getting things under control.

At home here, we've been doing a bunch of things. Ranging from vacations NV, and Canada. We've been cleaning and decluttering, we've been finishing up some unfinished lessons from last year's material, I've been knitting and crocheting, we've been sewing and trying new patterns, car shopping, car repairing. You name it no stone goes unturned here at the moment. Heck I've even been down on the floor scrubbing the laundry room! Such fun! And reading too!

I've added the goodreads shelf to my links on the right so if you're on there or Shelfari, feel free to friend me on either or both!

We've finally made it to the final book of the Harry Potter Series (Deathly Hallows!)

So its not like we've been sitting around doing nothing! We've been super busy and time has slipped away!

But I hope I'm back for now! :)