Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May Charity Challenge on the Hook

FlyLady's motto is "You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?", so I've decided to jump in with two left feet on my May charity goal of 20 items.

With June fast approaching I haven't done any charity crafting really in 2 months... and for Bev's 2006 Charity Challenge I had set my personal goal of 365 items by the end of the year so I've fallen short. Bev's group is doing a Hats off Contest to see how many hats we can make between now and June 18th... starting yesterday (May 29) and I've just flung out 8 from 9:30pm last night and 3 pm today. This should help me get focused and back on track. I need to set my sites on June's goals too though. I figure 30 should do it but I'll update my figure when I find out where I stand in terms of my totals.

So keep your eyes open they'll be a few updates before the end of the day tomorrow, once we get the Kiddo's 5th birthday party out of the way... we should all be exhausted by the end of tomorrow! LOL!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Baby Pants and Dolly Clothes

Just finished up a pair of TinyBird Longies in 100PureWool (Sarah Colourway), but I want to put an embellie on them... so pics will have to wait until I've found the right embellie.

I used the Dragonfly Faery pattern to make a pair of shorts for my dd's doll out of the left over Sarah, and also did a Doll sweater for a very disproportionate
dolly, I think she is the Little Mommy doll.
but she looks cute and I hope to have one really happy kiddo tomorrow! LOL!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why I Scrap

This was done for an inspiration challenge at ES
Credits: Dirty Cantaloupe Freebie by Susan Godfrey. Font is Susie's Hand

100% Pure Wool

If you use 100% Merino wool for anything and haven't used 100PureWool you don't know what you are missing. This is an incredibly soft and luxurious yarn and it comes in so many pretty colours. I've decided that if I'm working in wool - this will be my yarn! I'm in love....

But I'll wait until the Manos Del Uruguay comes in and see what I think of that too!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Woohoo! I got percentage bars.

I finally managed to find some percentage bars thanks to The Dragonfly Faery who got hers from Unlikely Words.

Rainbow Park

Journalling reads:
They finally upgraded the park in our
subdivision this year. Where before we had
swings and a crummy slide, now we have this
awesome climber, swings and a slide. No
matter what the weather, you are always happy to
go to the park you named Rainbow Park. The
name seems fitting as it brightens your day
when we go there. Your favourite things are to
climb the rockwall, swing and slide downthe
straight slide. When you are playing you
constantly talk about being at Rainspell Island
and capturing the Rainbow Fairies because you
read the Rainbow Magic Fairy books Series recently.

Credits: Font is Ma Sexy, and Bradley's Hand, green paper is from Amanda Rockwell's Fun kit.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yarn Junky gets a fix

The yarn junky in me just fixated on some Manos Del Uruguay, and I've looked at it everyday for 3 days with that evil little voice in the back of my mind saying "Get it, Get it - forget what dh says Get it! GET IT!"

So guess what.
I placed a bid.

Dh said it was okay too but I guess I'll wait a week or two before I go buy my lunch boxes which I want NOW NOW NOW! Its a trade off.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Shorts

More Mummy Made shorts! :)
These ones were done in Lion Wool. They're rather rough and I'm hoping they will soften but not totally convinced that will happen unless they felt a little.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Items I love in my Home

The gift dh and I bought ourselves with a gift certificate present from a fabulously expensive shop where we could afford 2 doilies or this.... I like our choice.

a Wedding shower gift. My beautiful little kitty.

Thursday's Blog Challenge

And now for something a little different! :)

From 2Peas Message board.
Thursday Blog Challenge.

Challenge: What do you like to do when you have your home to yourself, for an hour, for a day, or maybe even an entire week?

Here is my answer to this one!

When I am all alone at home, just me and my thoughts... I will do a few things.

Knit, sew, crochet or scrap
Tidy areas that can't be tidied with daddy and the girls around
Surf the internet
Read a good book.
Relax and simply daydream

Lately my true love has become to digi-scrap. It is something I can't really do with the girls nearby because I can seriously be whisked away by my whims for an hour or 2 or 3 and little girls need at least a glance of attention.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Crochet'd shorts

I love this pattern, but I don't know if it will be posted online...

Dragonfly Faery Crochet Longies. (only these are shorts)
Yarn is 100% Pure Wool in Ibisco
Time: 3 days (sporadic)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gossamery Spring

I totally love the colours and textures in this kit. And there are whole bunch of embellies I haven't even begun to play with!

Credits: Gossamery Spring kit by Susan Godfrey.

Credits: Gossamery Spring kit by Susan Godfrey. Font is Bradley's Hand.

Credits: Gossamery Spring kit by Susan Godfrey. Font is Ma Sexy.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Puddles (2 Pager)

I couldn't resist these pics from this afternoon!

Credits:Camo Baby Kit by Susan Godfrey (letters too)
Font is Bradley's Hand.

Journalling reads:
There is just something about being young in the Spring that attracts all kids to puddles. Muddy or not, and you are no exception. I learned pretty early on with you that if I needed to get somewhere it was much more fun to just let you splash til you're heart was content. These yellow boots, your 'Wellies', are your prize possession on rainy and wet days. They have seen many puddles, and many mud puddles too. We are not afraid of the rain!

Fuzzy Feet for Mum

Yarn is 100% Pure Wool in Ibisco.
Pattern is fuzzyfeet from Knitty

Friday, May 12, 2006

A Camera..... 3 months, and C is for....

My camera arrived this afternoon.... a Canon Rebel XT. I'm drooling.... but I need to learn to use it first! :)

Papers by Me.

Papers by Me.
Based on Sketch from Scrap Maps
Fonts are Ravie and Bradley's Hand.
Eyelet from Lauren Grier's Sweet Heart Kit, Tear by StephKrush, Stitching by Miss Mint from the Spring Jelly Bean Kit
Journal reads.
10 little fingers
10 little toes
Sweet little cheeks
and a Button nose

Rosy red lips
Bright blue eyes
My heart always melts
At the sound of your cries.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tasty Toes

Credits:MrsSmuck's Sweet Chloe. Fonts are Ravie and Bradley's Hand.

ETA - tomorrow - New LO

My baby should arrive tomorrow, but $5 says I won't be home when it arrives *sniff* I will be so upset if I have to wait till Monday to get it.

I've been busy planning a birthday party.... Its amazing how hard it is to co-ordinate people the first week after school gets out. So I did an Digi layout for my invites and have to send paper ones as well because of the 'waiver' in it. But at least with the digi - I can have everyone reserve the day! :)

Anyway here is my latest.

Credits: Kit is Fun by Amanda Rockwell, Fonts are Tekton Pro and Bradley's Hand. sort of Scraplifted from "Robin's first steps" by Stampalux at Elemental Scraps

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

3 days and Counting.

Hopefully in 3 days my new camera will arrive! YAY! I'm hoping it will be a significant improvement over the old one! Now I need some books to read up on improving my photography! :)

First Piggies

This one was done a few days ago but I ran out of time to post it.

What's a little girl without piggies?

Credits: Camo Baby Kit and the gray buckle is from A Girly Grunge Kit by Susan Godfrey LO was Scraplifted from July 04 Sketch Contest Layout at DigitalScrapbookPlace Fonts are Vivaldi, Tekton Pro and Courier New.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Post Vacation Work!

We just got back from vacation hence the silence.

But I managed to complete a pair of fuzzy feet in the 7 hour drive + 1 extra day. I also completed another Garter sweater, both of which I'll add pics later. For an update on the to do list here is where I'm at....

1. In Progress - Heartghan for friend (Seam - 1.25 of 3 strips done) took out strip 2 and had to redo it
2. In Progress - 52 Digital Scrapbook layouts (40+ done waiting to print)
3. 35 Charity items .... April goal
4. 20 Charity items .... May goal
5. In Progress - Finish the rest of the minty set (hat mitts booties)
6. Ducky print#4 on Embroidery quilt (3 of 12 done) .... Feb goal
7. Sampler quilt. .... Dec goal
8. Bunny print#5 on Embroidery quilt (3 of 12 done) .... New goal

Sunday, May 07, 2006

2 Months

Another Layout for this evening. Its amazing how quickly you forget the little things that a baby needs to learn to do and get caught up in the everyday of their care. I like doing these monthly pages because it reminds me of the things she had to learn to do way back when!

Credits:A Girly Grunge Kit by Susan Godfrey
Fonts are Harrington, and Susie's Hand.
Scraplifted from Michelle's Sketch Challenge at Elemental Scraps April 28th - May 12th

10 Things that make me smile

Gosh limited to only 10 things. That was a toughy. This layout was done for the BOM (Book of Me) Challenge #2 at Elemental Scraps.

In explanation - there is of course my dh and the babies, there is the obligatory chocolate (in all flavours - light dark and white,) there is the Beach, and the mountains. I'd love an S2000 - that would definitely make me smile, and the digital camera I have my eyes on .... and then maybe a few hours (days, weeks) to sit and craft to my heart's content! :)

This was done on Susan Godfrey's Green with Envy Freebie Kit, using a Georgia font. The chocolate was borrowed from Wikapedia, and the Beach pic was borrowed from Brett-Robinson.com (because I haven't got my photos back yet! LOL!)