Sunday, May 07, 2006

10 Things that make me smile

Gosh limited to only 10 things. That was a toughy. This layout was done for the BOM (Book of Me) Challenge #2 at Elemental Scraps.

In explanation - there is of course my dh and the babies, there is the obligatory chocolate (in all flavours - light dark and white,) there is the Beach, and the mountains. I'd love an S2000 - that would definitely make me smile, and the digital camera I have my eyes on .... and then maybe a few hours (days, weeks) to sit and craft to my heart's content! :)

This was done on Susan Godfrey's Green with Envy Freebie Kit, using a Georgia font. The chocolate was borrowed from Wikapedia, and the Beach pic was borrowed from (because I haven't got my photos back yet! LOL!)

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