Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fuzzy Foes.... this is War!

Garden 0 ; Fuzzy Critter 2

This is WAR! WAR I declare.

Our measly attempt at vegetable gardening has been thwarted this year first by frost, then by drought and now by critter.... well I'm not letting the critters win. If I'm part of the ME first generation as my dad so aptly points out then why shouldn't I get first dibs on MY plants? (read it squirrely! MMMMYYYYY plants)

I had 5 teeny tiny green Romas budding on my 3rd tomato plant, and I was looking to enjoy them as soon as they turned red. Little Deadmeat (the squirrel - not affectionately named - in case you had any questions!) plucked not 1 but 2 of the little tasty gems ate a bite left them on my deck railing. If that is not enough he dropped my 1 measly little pepper on the ground to be ingested by the bugs..... now how rude is that??

I will not engage in chemical warfare, as this is food we're talking about.

If my herbal remedy works I'll be sure to post... but the drawback is that I will have to re-apply if it rains.

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Milli said...

I had this problem last year. Hairy little theives stealing my maters and eating them right in front of me.