Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sewing - Ottobre Magazine (04/2007)

The new magazine from Ottobre is up.
I ordered it. I love the patterns in there and want to actually make some of the girls fall clothes this year.

It is insanely crazy to think that I could make their entire wardrobe for fall - nor I think do I really want to but some of the outfits in the Ottobre magazine are cool and hip... and would give me practice and some fun sewing.

I think it might be time to send in my sewing machine and get it cleaned up.

I have a few things on my make list this year including:

  • Cape for Sass (need to find some nice velvet or velour and some matching fleece)
  • Brownie Pants / Skirt / Skort / Dress for M
  • pretend Brownie vest for S.
  • Halloween costumes.
  • Thanksgiving / Christmas dresses
So I think that is a start for the season!

I've also found some awesome art lessons for M, that could turn into practical things like Christmas cards or Thanksgiving cards for the family! I can't wait to get started....

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Milli said...

I saw that. I'm thinking of getting it myself. It at least has better boy patterns than most.