Wednesday, August 01, 2007

2nd Birthdays (in 2003).... but that's not all!

So GottaPixel's challenge today (1st of the month) is a blue print challenge, they give you a template to work with and you do what you do best and play with it. Well as is common in the scrapbooking world most of the layouts done are square.... or large, so I have to adapt them to make them work for me... Its just more economical for me to print 5x7 instead of 8x10 or 12x12. SO the first is my alteration of Monica's blueprint challenge, and the 2nd is just how I added a 2nd page! LOL! Because I like uniformity for 2 pagers! :)
Ribbon - recoloured and paper recoloured but all original to Monica's August BluePrint Challenge.
Fonts are Script MT Bold and Bradley's hand and I think Ma Sexy.

So I'm getting my feet wet again with scrapbooking! :)

But that is not all.
On the hook I have a pair of soakers either for S or for charity, not sure which... depends on if I feel like adding a skirt to them! :)
On the needles, I have a charity pumpkin hat, and a Curly Purly soaker in peace fleece, which I need to frog.
I've got some patterns ready to sew for the girls.... just need to cut and sew.
Need to sew a skirt for me before our trip!
I'm working on my quilt again. I hadn't thought of it in months until I brought home Circle of Quilts... by Jennifer Chiavarini (book on tape!) from the library and got inspired! :)

and sadly my garden sucks.... no tomatoes... no peppers.... *sigh*

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