Monday, July 30, 2007

First Dentist Visit

I have a fear of dentists.

M (age 6) is at the dentist for the first time as I type. I had to have my dh take her because I don't want my fear to rub off on her, I just don't think I could handle watching her at the dentist and I think maybe she would play on that concept - not deliberately... but because she could.

The scrap-booker in me wants to run over and take pictures.
The me in me wants to throw up.
The mum in me says OMG my baby is growing up! Another step in her belt loop of freedom.

So maybe I'll scrap a page about her visit when they come back and fill in the details for me.

.....meanwhile back at the ranch my fingernails will be ragged with the bite marks and my stomach will churn until they come back with a clean bill of teeth.

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