Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Continuing on a Health Quest

So last week I posted about the new changes I'm making and this week is focusing on the little changes that make a difference.  I've finally made a long awaited appointment with Dr. to find out where I'm at health-wise - I mean despite being overweight with high blood pressure, so a physical will happen shortly, including blood test and the like.  This time it's all about me!

So no word yet on the Naturebox and when it will arrive.  But it is only 1.5 weeks now since I put in my order.  A little sad at the time it takes to get it moving but they did say 2-3 weeks, so hopefully I'll hear something soon!

The Co-Op is set to deliver a box of Fresh fruits this Friday - we added some Strawberries to the box since one of my girls is a Strawberry fiend and the contents of the box for the week is looking interesting!  I can't believe I'm actually excited to try this... but since I'm not thrilled with the supply of fruits at the local grocery store, I guess that might explain it.  

In preparation for the fruit box that is coming we went through the list of veggies that they ship too and they had things on there that I have never seen before.  I'm not sure what a small box will really yield for us so, we'll see what we get and go from there.

In the mean time, my middlest is helping me make better choices.  I think she is tired of the lunches we've been having, so she is making suggestions of her own and her's are definitely more nutritious (with some additions) than mine have been so, I consider her as my little helper! :)

Keeping on changing!  Keep ya posted.

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