Sunday, February 17, 2008

Late Night Visitor - Signs of Spring

Spring must be around the corner.

At 11:00pm this evening we had a nosy visitor hanging out on our window. Needless to say I called down our resident 6.5 yr old herpetologist. She doesn't even get close enough to see it and says it is a Spring Peeper because it is spring-like here and that is when they come out. Dh hadn't heard that and he suggested the same. Well of course, being late I sent M back to bed and told her I'd find out what I could about it, and promptly went on a hunt for a flashlight. Dang it if the kid isn't right. The markings are perfect... it is darker than the one pictured on the right here... dark brown... but it is the cutest little thing. I swear M ain't sleeping tonight! She's a herpetologist in the making, I tell ya. (image borrowed from Wiki)

Dh on the other hand is a pickle head. He dragged us out to 2 stores this afternoon, in search of pickling cucumbers.... he finally found them and brought home 5 lbs. Equivalent of 2 full Jars of pickles (Ya know the humongous ones in the gallon pickle jars.) I've informed him he needs - a few moderate sized pots and a couple trellis' to go with them... and a couple packages of pickling cucumber seeds for spring. His contribution to our starter veggie garden. I told him that if he grew his own cukes they would taste so much better than the store bought ones and he'd feel so much better about feeding them to the kids! LOL! He didn't buy it but told me to go ahead! LOL! So guess we'll be adding some pickling cukes to the garden attempt this year! :)


AmyDe said...

sounds like a great start to the garden. What are you guys doing about our water problems? Do you have a rainwater collection system? It's something I'm considering, but I think it's a little much to spring on dh all at once.

Grumpy said...

You mean beside not watering!?! LOL! Seriously we haven't had a need to water the lawn since it is a weed patch anyway! But I've dropped a few hints that I want a rain-barrel. I've seen some nice ones locally at the Harry's / Whole Foods. For $100. I mention it everytime I pass them - so he doesn't take me there often *GRIN.* He's taking my comments in jest at the moment but knows they will be come more fevered soon! LOL! I've also seen a whole system over at the HD, that hooks up to the rain gutters... but I can't figure out where I would mount that as I think the HOA would have a conniption of gross proportions! Worst case scenario I'll go buy an el-cheap trashcan or 3 find some way of connecting them and put them on the deck with some kinda hose running between them. I've got ideas just need to put them together.