Friday, February 15, 2008

The Neighbors.... Chapter 2.

ETA: Dh has asked me put in this little disclaimer. If you are a co-worker of my dh and he has tried to successfully talk you into buying the house.... don't listen to a word you read here *GRIN* they're wonderful neighbors, really! I just love to make up stories! he he!

I assume, I'd be one of those neighbors you'd like to have. I don't meddle, I don't go out of my way to snoop... I don't complain when you block my driveway monthly, bi-monthly or whenever you have a party. There aren't people coming and going at all times of the day or night - in fact we rarely have visitors. I keep to myself, I respect your privacy, and I respect your property. If I have a beef, I will let it stew for a while and eventually come up with a way to politely ask you for your help to solve the problem.

I have 2 rules. If you come to my house - you and anyone who chooses to enter my house with you cannot be rude in my house or you will be asked to leave.... it is my house and I make the rules. You don't snoop through my stuff, in fact the master bedroom is off limits and the door closed when people come over. Its the kind or rules I expect you'll find in most houses (of course if I'm wrong someone tell me... please!)

Dh has informed me this evening that the neighbor, whose friend backed into our car, is mad at us. Are they mad because they backed into our car and friend's insurance is paying up? Or are they mad because I hit a sensitive spot with their 6 yr old granddaughter when she was rude in my house and I asked her to leave, except that her mom arrived at the door right after I asked that! So she left with tears - for which I'm sorry but she broke rule number 1, which I believe is a rule in most people's houses.

I feel like I'm back in highschool with one difference, these people don't matter to me, they aren't crucial to how I see myself - and while yes I care, because that is my nature, I don't care if that makes sense! :)


AmyDe said...

SURE they are! C & I were talking the other day and he said your neighbors are ridiculous. They hit a PARKED car - it's their fault NO MATTER how you look at it. You could have parked your car IN their driveway directly behind them and if they hit your PARKED car well... UGH! Who cares if they are mad at you? I think it says much more about them than you. And yes, if people are rude in my house - I ask them to leave.

I think it's probably and idea that's out of fashion with many modern American households as "rude" just seems to be accepted these days. People get dumber and sell themselves out more and more each day! Let's don't be those people.

Grumpy said...

Thank you! I was starting to wonder if my ideas were out dated, if I expect to much from my kids, myself and other's I play with ... but I like my kids and so do many other people that meet them! LOL! I like to say this is one of the reasons we homeschool, and this is one of the reasons, I teach my kids manners when they're little! At least I know now that I'm outdated *GRIN* and I like it that way!