Friday, March 21, 2008

Officially Spring - Gardening Yet?

So its officially spring, does that mean I can start planting yet???

Apparently not, I got another alert this morning that there is another frost warning in effect. One of the Brownie Leaders had some new irises, that she put in last week, hope they survive the 2 frosts we've had.... I hope it's over soon!

I've got some seedlings started, and should probably get some seeds out in the pots. Novice gardener this year, I'm trying to get a salad out of my pots out back.... assuming SeƱor Deadmeat doesn't rear his ugly head again - my children have been warned the squirrel is not our friend. We have tomatoes, he bites them and discards them!

Dh has given me the okay to get a top hat blueberry bush when we get back from the beach. Can't wait, I've put it in my email folder to email me when we get back and if I put it in here I might remember as well! :)

I think this year will be my year of serious novice experimentation with dirt and veggies! :)

Wish me luck! :)

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