Thursday, April 03, 2008

Earth Hour.... Revenge of Earth Hour.... Projects

March 29th we celebrated Earth Hour 2008 by turning out the lights. Nice candle light dinner if I do say so myself! :) The girls were thrilled. M turned the lights out just before 8 as we sat down to eat... she was terribly afraid of missing it. I was sad that none of the neighbours turned their lights out though. Oh well, life is like that. After about 40 minutes the girls and dh sadly had had enough so on went the lights and the "Scary Mummy Monster" came out. I was all agrump because it was supposed to be fun and something I really wanted to do. So I've threatened them with doing it once a week for the next year! Hee hee! So here is a photo!
So I could only laugh as last night took care of our Earth Hours for a month! LOL! Just after we fired up dinner last night.... the oven heated, the fish in for about a minute or so, the noodles on, the broccoli and cauli totally unthought of .... out went the lights, but not in the usual way.... with a really loud fizzling sound. So I dug up the chicken timer and we left the fish in the oven as it was HOT enough... the gas stove came in handy for the noodles... and we just ate the veggies raw! I dug out the candles... lit them when it got dark... and we had yet another candle light dinner. Just as we were sitting down the big electric company truck came down the road.... "Now that can't be good." The neighbors congregated by the green box... and the electric company truck drove away - still no lights. We finished up dinner and by that time the lights had been out for over an hour. Took the girls out for a walk with a flashlight, and it turns out only our street and the neighbouring one were affected. The rest of the subdivision had lights. 2 more visits from the big electric company truck.... and the neighbours gradually faded into the darkened abyss that was their home. At the 2 hour mark I went to hunt down my hubby and the children as they went up to follow the electric company truck and instead I ran into the truck, the guy popped out of the truck and told me it would be quite a few hours before the lights came back on as 2 wires had "gone bad" the first caused the main outage... and the 2nd when they tried to tie 2 wires together to get us more juice! The lights were out for almost 4.5 hours, and the poor electric crew were soooo grumpy! Dh the girls and I enjoyed a nice non-electric evening staring at the stars and wandering in the dark. My Earth hour(s) was given to me after all! :) I think we'll still do it monthly!

I finished a cute little preemie sweater which I finished up and gave to my friend the other day... stupid me I was in such a rush I forgot to take a photo of it. :( But I have another identical sweater on the needles and will hopefully get a pic of it after the weekend. Its supposed to be rainy tomorrow and Saturday so maybe I can make some rapid progress on it, the 2nd and 3rd will go to charity.

So that's been our fun here!

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