Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Welcome to the 21st Century - where Internet Service Providers SUCK! :(

The saga of the sucky internet returns!

A mere month after ditching the old ISP due to several outages in a one month span, the new ISP went down from Fri to late Tuesday afternoon with no word, no assistance nothing ... just went DARK. A trip to the local office (walking distance) yielded an answer but NO HELP - all circuits were busy during the entire outage (both locally and in their head office) - at least even the old ISP was reachable by phone even if they weren't helpful! Maybe I expect too much - but at the very least I'd like to be able to reach a customer "No Service Rep" because at least I'd feel like someone had a clue and the place didn't just tank overnight.

So no computer school stuff got done, no internet, no nothing.... (M says not even a piece of Webkinz World - but she did get a few hours of Sims2 time.) So we ditched ISP #2 in favour of #3... making 3 ISPs is less than 2 months. I expect some repercussions due to the shortened length of our service contract but such is life... I'm ticked... what can I say! :( If it happens again in less than a month I'm boycotting residential service forever! :(

It sucks, it really sucks. Thank goodness for "no computer hobbies!" I got some knitting and crocheting done! :) I even got some cleaning done and feel a computer and hobby move is in the future - though not until some much needed household repairs occur, but its at least on the horizon and the 10 yrs of accumulated kiddy junk is being shifted at long last.

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AmyDe said...

there's always Bellsouth???