Friday, April 18, 2008

Crafty Friends Have Ideas?

Alrighy my crafty friends.... I beg your assistance.

I have 3 swatches of material fabric, they are all a light weight cotton blend.

1. The first is a single yard of cutesy fabric bright red that needs to turn into something useful... 1 yd.... I can add a lining fabric or additional fabric as necessary but I need a jumping off point, a diving board so to speak for this cute fabric. My limitations.... it needs to be something for an adult, it can be an inside or outside fabric... it can be one item or a couple.... got ideas??

2. The next two are fat quarters (18" x 21") ... one is black, one is white. Again I can add co-ordinating fabric or lining or anything. This one is for a "teacher" (so to speak) - who is leaving us this year but has been working with M for 2 yrs now and become a friend of mine... we will still chat but she won't be working with M in the same capacity. I'd like to make her something nice... I was thinking a tissue holder and something to match... but haven't a clue where to go with this! LOL!

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AmyDe said...

Coaster sets are always nice and they are fun to make. Also zippered pouches, tiny totes, or tissue holders. You could also make a set of 4 napkins with the larger piece.