Sunday, April 09, 2006

Amanda Done, Mitt-ies in Progress!

Ah, the upcoming expiration of the Photoshop trial gave me a few days reprieve from the computer and I spent a little bit of time catching up on my much neglected knitting work.

I completed the Amanda last night with a few differences including a little ring fobby thing to hold keys and a cellphone in a holder (I always use the label in my store-bought bags and thought this would be useful.) My friend has decided that she wants to felt it herself so I will write up the instructions to give her and let her go to town with. ( pics coming)

I finished my baby hat (for the mint set) tonight as the little one rolled around the floor. I kinda used a pattern and then did my own thing with that and the hat kinda looks cute - instead of the hearts I did garter st. like the jacket. (pics coming)

And I'm still working on my March Charity Challenge (35-40 items).

So a little progress.

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