Sunday, April 02, 2006

No sign of easing!

So the new obsession has taken over my life with no signs of easing up.

I'm at 20 layouts with only 8 days left of my free trial of Photoshop Elements 4.0 and I gotta say there is no question I'm hooked. My dh compared me to a junkie - I can't seem to get enough of it! LOL!

My knitting and crochet projects haven't fallen by the wayside though, like I said the computer is slow. I feel remotely guilty about ignoring them, but life with an infant and an almost 5 yr old and a scrap addiction is well kinda difficult to focus on more things! LOL!

This month's goal is to finish up the projects I've got on the go and get on with my to do list. So here is the list in black and white.

1. In Progress - Heartghan for friend (Seam - 1.25 of 3 strips done) .... couple months old
2. In Progress - 35 charity items (28 33 of 40 items) .... March goal
3. Amanda Backpack for Friend (10 more rows, strap and felting to do)
4. - Outfit for Aunt's Great Gran (jacket needs buttons, booties done, working on hat and need mitts)
5. In Progress - 52 Digital Scrapbook layouts (20 29 done waiting to print)... 2006 Goal.
6. Ducky print#4 on Embroidery quilt (3 of 12 done) .... Feb goal
7. Sampler quilt. .... Dec goal
8. Bunny print#5 on Embroidery quilt (3 of 12 done) .... New goal
9. 35 Charity items .... April goal

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