Thursday, January 26, 2006

Obsessions Abound

So I started this blog on the suggestion of a friend - though if you've been to my profile before you'll know I've attempted this about 3 or 4 times nowsince I joined blogger over a year ago ... in various formats... but honestly this is the furthest I've come on Blogger! :)

I've got my sidebar functioning almost the way I want it, just need to add some photos and links and stuff then I'll truly happy.

The other thing that got this blog started was surfing around yesterday I happened upon a few different blogs with some awesome links, and wanted a place to store some of them...

So on to the obsession part of the post... (yes outside of blogging!) So in surfing I found a site that showed this sweet sweater along with a bazillion other sweet knits that one day I'll do! LOL! So I ended up feeding my knit obsession with the purchase of this book. All this knit talk has inspired me to pull out my UFOs and get working! :)

Obsessions, Obsessions, I'll be knitting forever at this rate! :)

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