Monday, January 30, 2006

What No Project?

So I sat for a few days feeling unmotivated to begin a new project.

I tried to start an Oxfam or Guidepost Sweater but the motivation wasn't there. I got it started - and promptly tinked it because it wasn't my speed - so I tried to crochet it and promptly discovered it wasn't gonna work that way either - so I tried to start my own - no dice.

I cleaned out my knitting basket - which I'm trying to keep my WIP and nothing else, and started and completed 2 loomed hats at midnight last night (part of the 35 count for Feb's total) just so I wouldn't feel like I'm spinning my wheels + I had to get rid of a yarn I absolutely hate working with (Red Heart Baby Clouds) - I can't seem to crochet with it, but it does loom up nice.

I'm not getting much purchase on the 12 inch squares for my heartghan, though I only have 4 more 12 inchers to go. *sigh*

So while the 'mini-bee' slept this aft (in my lap) I dragged out my embroidery baby quilt (commenced at -2weeks mini-bee) ... and made a little progress - my January goal on that endeavour is almost complete (Kitty)

So while I'm not exactly doing something, I'm not spinning my wheels either, I guess I'm just using these fleeting days of January as clean up days.

(I think I'm getting frustrated with the Charity stuff I'm doing as I find more and more guidelines / general rules of what they will accept.)

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