Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Hoodie is Done

The hoodie is done. I'm still in love with the colours. And oddly am obsessing about maybe making a pair of longies in a yellow wool...

And after the initial kermudgeon about knitting with cotton, I seem to like it. As a result have added a few more 'cotton' projects to my list. Woe Nelly, I need to slow down with that darn list and work on the projects I've already got yarn for.

2 balls of purple 220
4 balls of KnitPics Wool of the Andies.
4 balls of Lion Wool (in Sea Blues)
4 balls of Lion Wool (in Floral?)
2 balls of Marr Haven (in Green Heather)
4 balls of the Treliske.
1 ball of pink 220

(Darn I didn't realize I had that much yarn! LOL! Nelly needs to get back to her knitting now! LOL!)

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