Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thoughts with Susan

I used to be on the creative team for and awesome designer Susan Godfrey. In June they found out that their expected child would have Potter's Syndrome (complete agenesis of the Kidneys.) This is a syndrome incompatible with life and if the baby did survive it wouldn't live for very long due to undeveloped lungs. This would be their 2nd child with this syndrome - which is exceptionally rare (ie rare to have 2 with the same syndrome, unless there is a renal issue in the family.)

On September 8th, she posted her last post before the expected delivery date of Sept 12. Her hopes were that she could deliver the baby without a c-section. My thoughts have been with her ever since. Susan if you ever make it over here, please know that you've been in my thoughts and I'm sending all the positive thoughts and strength I can your way! ((Hugs))

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