Monday, January 22, 2007

Posting Fool

Okay so some of my visitors (if there are indeed any!) don't visit me for my pretty pictures - they actually want to know what crafts I do and what I've been up to! Well!

My Christmas sweater did not get done in time for Christmas - so instead a different gift was given - so I will resume working on that.... I have 2 pairs of longies on the needles and 2 friends and one sort of sibling who have given birth or will be giving birth with in the next few weeks and a niece who will be having her 4th child in June.... so I'm busily at work on pretty sweaters! All while chasing after a newly walking 1 yr old. Yes folks, the little 7 month old in the picture below is now 13 months old and finally branching out on her own, I miss babyhood!

I have my first quilt on the go- both hand and machine sewing is taking place on that.... the colours aren't the greatest but the fabric was in my basket and my oldest loves the colours so if it makes her happy, then I'm happy and dh is happy that I didn't spend more money and am happily using up my growing stash!

I have a couple dozen new sewing patterns I want to try along with a gorgeous wrap skirt.... but I need said 1 yr old to sleep so I can figure it out! A couple pairs of flannel pants for the girls and myself, and we'll be all set in the sewing department....

Crochet, not much happening on that front.... I think I need to clear out and pare down some stuff before I venture on to too many projects !LOL! But check back, my crochet will be going again soon! :)

This all occurs in between my decluttering of course.... buried in here somewhere is my house! :)

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Quilt Nut said...

another quilter lol! found you off Noella's site