Sunday, January 21, 2007

Toys, and Trips

A plane trip that should only have taken 3.5-4 hours took 7.... 3 hour ground delay! Well my little 1 yr old ran out of toys to play with..... so here she is playing with the seatbelt, which was the best toy for most of the flight! LOL!

Kit is Miss Mint's to My Mother

The template for this layout is one I fell in love with so I used it in a similar light to the way it was presented.... I love these pictures of Little 'newborn' Sarah, so don't be surprised you see them over and over again!

Papers from A Baby Story by Amanda RockwellWord Art by Maria LaFrance from the January 2007 Doodle Challenge - New Beginnings KitScraplift of Mateusz by Eri

Our recent trip to the beach! :)

Sailing Away Quickpage by Stacy Carlson and Kathryn Mhire

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