Monday, October 29, 2007

Schooling Crafting - and my new love....

Audio Books..... I never saw the use for them before... but now have discovered the art of errands and the art of multi-tasking. When someone asks well what do you listen to when you scrap or when you knit or when you do work on your computer, I can honestly say I'm educating my brain.... I'm focusing on what I'm doing while expanding my knowledge and listening to books that otherwise would be sitting on my shelf unread because I have a ton of other things to catch up on.... there just isn't enough time in life! LOL!

My friend turned me on to them. I started with American Gods, then she lent me Anansi Boys and I couldn't pull teeth through THUD - some accents just don't sit well with me. I've graduated to The Cell (and internet library book), then Lisey's Story (also internet library ... now working on Angel's and Demons (Brown), Twilight(Meyer), Golden Compass(I think its Pullman).

So I thought well my dd would love a good story - we borrowed Henry Huggins by Beverly Cleary from the library and we all loved it. Even the littlest!

My knitting has been on hold, while I finish up dd's Halloween costume... so Sewing hit the machine this month. I think my next project needs to be some knits for the middle kid, and a sewing project for my sis that I have been putting off out of fear that it won't turn out.... oh well, I guess I'll never learn if I don't try it and then how could I learn from my mistakes... I need to investigate Polar fleece... Malden Mills for that project, along with velvet or velour. Now is the time to check that stuff out as it is cheaply priced for Halloween stuff!

For school, we've been working with the
Baltimore Curriculum project... where we've been going gangbusters on Science and slowly on Art and reasonably with Social Studies I guess. I'm slowly trying to add more stuff in as I gain resources and comfort.... so I guess we're going well.

So that's my update after a short interlude. I've been shy about posting on my blog lately as a little creepiness was revealed on Facebook, and I decided to play it cool for a while.

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