Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dissatsfied customer... Walgreens Staff

You know my kids for the most part are awesome... but like others they have their off days... we all do. Today I took my kids to the store. We got most of what we needed. I pushed it and went to one more store... as we approached the cash register... the little one ran ahead... so I ran after her... those freakin automatic doors she would have been in the parking lot in 2 seconds flat. The older one followed cackling like a hyena. I grabbed the little one. The cashier was glaring at us. As I put the stuff down on the counter the older kid started oinking like a pig and hee hawing like a donkey... Yes not polite... I told her to stop and she did but turned around and did it again. She got in trouble... the cashier was furious. She looked at the older one like she was animal that should be shot on sight.... she looked at the little one and told her how cute she was. She looked at me and her eyeballs shot daggers. She rang up the merchandise.... and literally threw it across the counter at me... it landed on the floor. Look lady I don't give a damn if you want to glare at me and you think my kids are animals (because I know they were behaving that way) but that is no way to treat a customer. Fluke... I think not... because 2 seconds later the receipt came flying across the counter too.

Yes the older one got in trouble at home.... the little one has no clue but she is in trouble too.

Either way, they are normally good kids and we normally get compliments on their behavior.

As an employee in a store what my kids do has no bearing on how you treat me... I am the adult in charge of minions... if you have a problem with my kids or others for that matter too freakin bad.... you need a new freakin job...

For the record my child said nothing to this woman. It had absolutely nothing to do with her.

I'm furious... and when I get a minute and cool down I will call the manager... because as a result of the cashiers inability to ignore my children One of my items fell out of the bag and now I have to go back because I refuse to give them a single dollar more than they're entitled too... and I won't be back.. there are other stores worth my business who treat me like a human being, with obnoxious kids.


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