Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Raggy Twins

Question - if you're out there, which one do you like better???

So after finishing the majority of the knitting on my Secret Christmas Project #1 (9-06) I took a little detour while sewing it up and weaving the ends and these two little charmers were born on the end of my hook! I used this pattern for dolly#1 on the left but saw some areas that I could personalize, and ended up with dolly#2 on the right. Not sure which one I like better, though dh likes dolly#1's body and #2's head (when pushed to answer! LOL!) The only identical things on the twins are their arms and legs.

They lack clothes, I should get on that... but I'm more tempted to sew dolly clothes than knit them, which seems really weird to me. I feel the need to make 2 more of these dollies because I think I like these ones too much to part with them! I originally was making them for charity!

So anyway, consider this your introduction to the nameless naked twins. (Clothes and faces to follow! LOL!)

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Noee01 said...

The one on the left! Very cute!