Saturday, July 05, 2008

Walking In Wonder at Ft. Mtn

One of the things we love to do on a regular basis as a family is walk. We got our shirts from the Canyon Climbers Club (look for the link in the sidebar!) a week or so ago.... nice shirts. We love nature type trails and spend a reasonable amount of time just walking with the girls looking for mushrooms *to look at not to eat*, enjoying the pleasures that Nature has to offer. This is my favourite picture of the girls taken this weekend at Fort Mountain.

We noticed the Blueberries are almost ripe on the side of the mountain and the Raspberries are certainly on the go! So maybe in a few short weeks we'll be able to go berry picking at the local pick your own farms! Yum can't wait!

Our neighbours will truly love us, as we have a wild Blackberry bush sprouting in our Azalea hedge this year and the girls have been pilfering the berries from it! Good job the neighbors put up the fence between our yard and theirs (the only fence in the 20+yr old neighbourhood!) because now we can grow our planned raspberry bushes right up near the fence next year!! HEE HEE! (I'm kidding but it would be nice!)

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