Friday, August 22, 2008

Ballet - Tights or Sweats?

I'm so not a ballet mum! I lack everything in the area of being a girly girl mum! I buy simple shorts and ts for the girls, granny, babi and the aunties buy the dresses for them.

I'm hoping this will be a passing phase, that dd will NOT get serious about ballet, but alas I fear she will! Why not Hip Hop? Jazz ... I fear ballet, despite having wanted to try it out in my youth.

My poor IRL friend, I thinks she thinks I'm a lunatic! I emailed her a couple days ago asking where one could find a simple black leotard and tights, and heaven help me shoes that didn't costs an arm and 2 legs, and what do you mean they can't do ballet in sweats and gym shoes? She about died of laughter. Yes I was being funny but part of me was serious. For the new folks (if there are any!) my dd is 7, she is more girl than I was. She is taking a real ballet class for the first time, one that runs the year instead of a week! She has long hair, I don't even know how to do a bun! My IRL friend again, died of laughter when I told her that! She was telling me that most ballet folks take it very seriously - this is supposed to be fun for my dd - I can't abide seriousness at this stage. I hope they're ready for us, I seriously have no clue! If dd gets sent home because her hair is wrong or her clothes are wrong we're done for... I'm a simpleton, this is for fun. In all seriousness, I'm starting to stress over ballet - what has my life come to?

I want a ballet class done in sweats. This ballet business is expensive.

FWIW - if there is another out there as hopeless as me.... dd (7) found this for me so we could practice making a ballet bun!

Now all we need is some glue and scrunchies and a little time and practice to make it right!


AmyDe said...

Too Funny - we are exactly the same way over here - I have not a clue about girly hair or lace or sparkles, etc. I'm learning! Also I found this morning and thought of you guys! Have a wonderful weekend - we need to get together sometime VERY soon!!!

Noee01 said...

Aww...she'll have so much fun! My only experience with ballet is with L, who was 3 at the time so it was more fun than anything (and it was through the rec center, not a ballet school). With her short hair, I just pulled it back, nothing fancy. Her shoes were from a second hand store and the clothes were from WM or Zellers.

Grumpy said...

Ya this will be through a rec center too, but as they get older I'm told they get more serious! M's hair is long long, now (think never cut!) so we're gonna have to practice the Ballet bun! I intend for this to be fun ... and poopoo to anyone who says otherwise! LOL!

We ordered some shoes this morning and they'll be here for her first class can't be bad to $11 and perfect fit! She got her outfit too at the WM and is pleased as punch! :)