Monday, September 22, 2008

Menu Plans

I suck at Menu planning! LOL! But I grocery shopped yesterday and so the plan is set, now i just have to stick with it.

1 – Lemon Basil Pork Chops w/Baked Sweet Potatoes
2 – Club Sandwich w Carrots and Dressing
3 – Pecan Crusted Flounder & Corn
4 – Mummy’s Birthday Choice!
5 – Chicken Pot Pie & Jello
6 – Greek Chicken & Pasta
7 – Stuffed French Toast & Pears

1 - out just too much running (joys of last minuting)
2 - salad and fruit, and meat and cheese (Afternoon snack necessary)
3 - pita bits, with veggies and hummus dip
4 - left overs
5 - dinner leftovers from birthday night
6 - Club Sandwich fixings
7 - every person for themselves! LOL! (leftovers!)

I signed up with a meal planning service.... for a month trial - because I suddenly feel the need to be more frugal, more financially responsible, and less driving around so I'm more environmentally friendly too - plus less food will go to waste (and the waist. hee hee!)

I figure its time to teach the girls a little more about healthy eating and healthy living so we're going to try and walk more, eat out for lunch less, and simply spend less. I say this often but this time it is important. I feel like pooo and I need to fix that.

I'm not posting this on MPM, just because it isn't my own menu. But its here.... more for me than anything and so dh can look up dinner on line.

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AmyDe said...

Looks good. I'm looking into some of the Homemade Gourmet solutions as well. I am gifting some things to my brother and teaching him how to cook them (He's been a bachelor too long) so I figure that's a good way to test it out. I'll let you know how it goes!