Monday, September 01, 2008

Star Halloween Wars

So the charming dh introduced the girls to Star Wars this summer and gah.... they have fallen madly deeply in love with all 6 videos - when your child asks for Dora - 100 times, mine are asking for Star Wars. They fell in love first with young Anakin, then Padme, then older Anakin, then Darth Maul (yes Maul) and on up through the works. Oddly neither girl likes Leia.

M is starting Ballet soon. Dh jokes that she will do a Ballet rendition of the Imperial March - heavens I can truly see it! S knows the tune - so I can just see her belting it out at the top of her lungs while M dances away - S will try to dance too and copy M's movements in a less graceful way - if grace is something to be had! - but they will be up there dancing away together and very happy!! LOL! (vivid images there!)

So technically it is September first and I should have started costumes months ago! When asked the girls are demanding to be Darth Maul... with M encouraging her little sister to be Vader or Anakin - so that she can be the only Maul. I want one of them to be Padme or Queen Amidala - but neither will have it. There will be a fight... a full drawn out fight if they both can't be it. This should be interesting. I have a couple months to practice the paint on the older one. Between that and the Ballet braids I'll be a make-up expert in no time!

Maybe I can convince the little one to be Sharp-Tooth from Land before time or Chomper.... we shall see, all I know is I've got my work cut out for me.

(yes I know there are Maul masks out ther but being claustrophobic, I have this thing about those rubber masks.... them give me the willies.... so I'd rather futz around with make-up than put my kids in one of those!)

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