Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Going Dental

Oy! Something came over me and I'm not sure I like it!

I went and paid a bill on Monday, after M's recent dentist visit and suddenly felt a pang of guilt that I've been making M go to the dentist regularly every 6 months and she has beautiful clean teeth while I have dirt and grim on mine! I had 2 root canals 2 years ago (??) after a 10 year abstinence stand on dentistry! Let me tell ya as a dental fear patient, that normally would put me off for life but dang it, I think I've found a dentist office I'm comfortable with!

Chatting with the hygienist this morning I was tickled to find that she agreed with me in my plight to NEVER EVER send my children to a pediatric dentist. Having dealt with a pediatric dentist many years ago from age 3-8 - who subjected me to the torture of removing teeth without adequate freezing, and drilling and filling my teeth with the same inadequate freezing, or cleaning my teeth and yelling at me to open my mouth wider when it was open as far as it would go - apparently chair side manner wasn't his best class! Anyway for me to find comfort with a particular dentist is nothing short of a miracle and for me to actually work up the nerve to send my children to them is a miracle within a miracle! LOL!

So all in all a good visit.... 10 yrs no cleaning - 2 root canals (at the 8 yr mark) and 1 filling, I've been given a good bill of dental health (minus that cavity!) I attribute it to the new kids anticavity mouth washes on the market and that purple Listerine stuff. That cavity I have, was there 2 yrs ago when the root canal was done, but it was marginally smaller and I've been religious with the mouth wash!

So all in all a good start to the day even if it was just a trip to the dentist - all over by 10 am!


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