Friday, December 12, 2008

A Hybrid!

I'm branching out! LOL!

In trying to come up with a craft or something that M could make for her secret pal at Brownies, I came surfed the digi sites and found this hybrid composition book covers. So to test out how easy or hard it would be to do this, I made one myself.

The experiment was somewhat of a success. I love it! This one is super simple, but I decided to try my hand at sewing cardstock, Which M could probably do too, if she wants. OMG, I love the effect! LOL!

Anyway - the plan is to have her design on paper what she wants - and then help her plan it in the Photo Editor and then cut it out and put it together. This along with a little 'food' gift, will be her gift to her secret pal!

(credits: Eva Kipler and Amanda Rockwell Lola Freebie Bonus -- Also I followed instructions here - sort of!)