Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Silence is Golden unless you're awaiting updates!

Sorry for the long silence. The blog has taken a back seat these days as I find interests outside the computer. My interests have taken the form of taking the girls to the park, knitting my little fingers off, or crocheting. So without further adieu, here are some of my recent projects!

M asked me to make her an outfit like the one Kit Kitteridge wore in the Kit movie that was out this passed summer. So here is my first attempt. It turned out a little short in the waist, and ya I could take it out and extend it but S will grow into it faster and I'll just make the next one longer, (and make sure the buttons are in the right place! LOL!)

She likes it, and the hat I made to go with it! Now she is begging for a knit T-shirt and a sewn skirt to go with them.

In the process of making the sweater, because a knitter can never have a single project on the go at any given time, S asked me to make her a blanket just like one I had made for her sis a few years ago. She chose the colors (sort of) herself and as it was going together she kept asking is it done yet, is it done yet? When I wove the last string in and hand her the prize blankie she was ecstatic! A few days later, she announced that its name is Daisy! And she has slept with it every night since. Funny that M doesn't find her blanket soft, yet S totally loves hers! Funny how different the kids are!

I've been taking little side adventures off the beaten track too! No matter how you slice it, making baby items is almost always fun! They're fast, and give you that gentle little push of OMG - I'm done so quick. Plus for me, baby items are done in a different quality of and type of yarn, that I think I'm becoming a fiber-phile!! LOL!
So here on the left is a newborn soaker, and off to the right there is a newborn hat.

Stay tuned for more from the needles, and the hook, and quite possibly the sewing machine as I'm incrafting high gear.... and expect it to last just a little longer before it packs its bags and I can pick up a book again! LOL!

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