Monday, March 09, 2009

Houston? ...We have progress

Wikipedia says "Progress indicates generally forward moving"

Pictures speak 100 words (this what my bonus room looks like.)

A cleaning frenzy has overcome me. Needless to say we have tooooooooooooo much junk. Too many toys, too many computer parts, too many books, too much clothes, too much of everything. I feel the need to reclaim my house from clutter, from disorganization and chaos.

I want to live simply but can't part with the 30+ yrs of books that have accumulated, so I must find a way to organize those! I can part with the "fluff" books that I read - because I'm a "read once get rid of" kind of person - so will list a few on here: - Our online book club offers free books when you swap, trade, or exchange your used books with other book club members for free.
And I've been making good on my new years resolution to buy only books that I will reference time and again! So the Library is the place for me!

My TO DO List
  • I will lighten the load of toys (both mine and the kids.)
  • I will hold on to my sewing machine,my knitting accoutrea and my implements of crochet.
Progress is:
  • Two small places of sanity in a very BIG mess!
  • 3 bags of trash are now gone - not the usual kind of trash mind you, more like old computer manuals that dh never got around to tossing - things from computer parts bought in 1995 that have long since departed this house.
  • Clothes that were too well worn, bits of junk (happy meal toys etc.)
  • I have a box of clothes for donation - the next person to call can have them.

That is just some of the books and one of the new shelves. The gray boxes on top are yes, toys, toys and more toys... mostly stuffed critters in good condition. I will go through them and wittle them down to a smaller quantity. The table is our new homeschool work place. It will move when the computers come back upstairs, but for now it is a good place to be so I don't have to worry about clearing it away at the end of the day! I'm pleased, this is one days work and dh is off putting the other bookshelf together as I type.

Slowly I dig out from beneath! LOL! One step, one day at a time, one bag at a time.

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